Landlord & Tenant


As a Landlord or Tenant it is vital to fully understand and obtain comprehensive professional advice on your rights and obligations and the most appropriate way of preserving your interests.


Commercial or Residential, BSS can offer services and advice on rent  review, renewal and negotiations, Landlord and Tenant obligations, drafting and review of documentation

Schedule of Conditions


A Schedule of Conditions is an essential report when entering into a lease agreement or tenancy.

A detailed and documented survey of the property and assets is  undertaken providing documented evidence designed to protect your interests.

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant BSS can provide important advice and services which will not only protect your interests but could also help avoid possible unnecessary additional costs.

BSS Surveying Services

Development Appraisals


Development opportunities take all forms shapes and sizes from single plots to refurbishments to large mixed use schemes.

Whether you are buying or selling, residential or commercial we can assist from viability and appraisal through to acquisition, planning and ultimately selling.

Valuation/Building Survey


On occasion it makes sense to obtain a building survey and or valuation not only to ascertain your property value but to outline any issues and potential future issues and to clarify your standing.

If you are in need of a valuation or building survey our surveyors would be happy to discuss your needs and advise of the most appropriate service and survey we can offer.


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